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Oil, coldwax and mixed media on cradled wood panel.
​Made from sustainable, Malaysian plywood (PEFC certified)


*Also available to buy as an A3 fine art print.

This painting took me several months to complete. Originally it was intended to represent a big red sail that I saw on the north coast of Sealand in Denmark. This is actually where I got married - 2nd time around. However, I left if hanging in the studio and kept coming back to it, making changes. Just didn't feel that it was finished, and it has changed a lot over time. The title came from the original idea. I don't feel that it is a sail anymore, rather something a lot more mysterious. As with all my works, I like to gouge into the underlying surface to reveal what was there before.


Created in 2020

When the ships are down 80 x 60cm

  • 80 x 60cm

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