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Helle Johansen-Baker

A bit about me

I'm a UK based artist, originally from Denmark and I’ve lived in Leigh on Sea by the Thames Estuary since 2010.

Creativity has always been a constant in my life and the thing pulling me. With a career background in graphic design, portrait/wedding photographer, designing and making silk bandanas for dogs and pet photographer, I took a deep dive into the world of art in 2018 and have never looked back.


Mostly self-taught as an artist, each stage of my journey has been a valuable, creative building block that has led to developing my unique approach in expressing my inner sensitivities. It has taught me the importance of value, form, colour and composition, further helped by art teacher Nicholas Wilton and his invaluable, online course with the Art2Life Creative Visionary Programme, which I attended in 2023 (3 months).

My art practice constantly teaches me about life and about myself, which is why I paint. It brings me alive. I hope to convey something about myself, who I am and what inspires me and that you, the observer, will find something in this body of work that touches and stimulates some deep-seeded memory or longing

Artist statement

I am a process-based artist and the “not knowing” of the creative process inspires me. Colour and shape is the foundation for my work and mark-making is very important to me, so I scrape back the paint to reveal the layers beneath and gouge into the surfaces with various tools. I paint mostly abstract and in multi layers, which adds complexity, contrast and texture. Part of my work is created on cradled plywood panels. I use a mixture of oil and coldwax medium, which I find works well to achieve the desired aesthetics. Recently I've been exploring more defined shapes, using acrylics and painting on both canvas and panels, which gives the work another expression, but still retains the abstract form. 


I take my inspiration from weathered surfaces that show the passage of time;  I’m drawn to the decay and peeling paint on walls, a bit of newspaper print peeking through, texture found in nature, shapes and how colours 'sit' next to each other, to make them 'come alive'. 


Thank you for browsing :)

My studio/gallery is at Grainger Road industrial estate, unit 21A, Southend and you can contact me for a private viewing of my work.


If you’d like to discuss a creative project or would like me to do a commission, please feel free to get in touch - just click on the email address below :)

In the studio_2 2023.jpg

In the studio

Making the plywood panels before

painting can begin.

Helle with painting background.jpg

‘I must find a truth that is true for me’

Søren Kierkegaard

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Exhibitions and upcoming events

2023 -   ROY'S ART FAIR - Barge House, Southbank, Oxo Tower Wharf, London               28th Sept - 1st Oct 2023                           

2022 -    70thebroadway Gallery - The Broadway, Leigh on Sea            
             Artist Collective from 1st Aug 2022 - 1st Jan 2024

                Guest artist at the Leigh Art Trail Sept 2022 and July 2023

2021 -  ROY'S ART FAIR - Barge House, Southbank, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
             SE1 9PH
 ,  12-15th August 2021     Roy's Art Fair

2020 - 2021 

            Teamed up with local pop-up shop MAN CAVE Antiques UK in
            Leigh on Sea, 96 The Broadway @mancaveantiquesuk

            Part of the shop is a GALLERY throughout December until mid
            January with various of my work on display, including paintings, 
            fine art prints and greeting cards.


2020 -  ROY'S ART FAIR - The Boiler House, Truman Brewery, London
             8 - 11th October 2020     
Roy's Art Fair

2020 - 'The Summer Show 2020' /  16th July - 30 July.

            A group show, organised and curated by La Galleria Pall Mall, located
            in the Royal Opera Arcade on Pall Mall, London

2020 -  Displaying artwork with Hansford & Sons Emerging Artist Platform


2019 - 'Nordic Echoes'@70thebroadway Gallery, Leigh on Sea, Essex
            Solo exhibition.

2019 - 70TheBroadway Gallery, part of a Christmas pop-up collective with
            other local artists.

2018 - Essex Open, Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend on Sea.

2012 - Leigh Art Trail (abstract photography/collaboration with handbag
           designer Carmen Woods).

2011 - Leigh Art Trail (abstract photography)


2019 - Article/review in The Leigh Times

2019 - Article in the Echo Newspaper, Southend

Leigh Times, Oct 2019.jpg
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