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Oil/coldwax/oilstick/parcment paper on cradled wood panel.​ Made from sustainable, Malaysian plywood (PEFC certified)


*Also available to buy as an A3 fine art print.


This piece was inspired by the whaling that is still happening in many countries and the atrocities committed against these beauties of our oceans. Whales play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the marine ecosystem. They are social, air breathing mammals, they feed their babies with their own milk, and they take extraordinarily good care of their young and teach them life skills.


Many of us believe whales are special; they certainly invoke a sense of wonder and a feeling of kinship. There is something almost other-worldly about them. Whales enrich the lives of many people who come into contact with them. Whales are unique, beautiful, graceful and mysterious; they nurture, bond, play, sing and cooperate with one another. I love whales!


Created in 2019

Whalesong 110 x 123cm

  • 110 x 123cm x 3cm

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